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BGHRA Convention 2013 Videos Now Online!

video-1316552018We are profoundly grateful to Amherst College for providing us with these fabulous videos of the Black German Heritage and Research Association’s third annual convention: Black Germans in Diaspora.

We are certain that you will enjoy them and for those who were unable to be with us this year, we hope that they will inspire you to join us in 2014.




300978_10151051578877344_728002230_nDear friends and colleagues,

Thanks to all who have inquired about the dates and location for the 2014 Black German Convention. After three consecutive years of very successful conferences, we have decided to move this year to a biennial convention schedule. In keeping with this decision, we will not be hosting a convention in 2014 and will reconvene in August 2015. Like other conferences with similar meeting structures, we feel this is both the most efficient way of distributing the tremendous amount of work that our small group of organizers put into the conference, as well as a very effective way of sustaining our momentum for the future.

Our hope is that during the ‘off years’ of the conference, a space will be created for other types of less formal activities for the Black German community in the US, and we encourage those interested in such events to please be in touch with us via our email at . We also welcome the interest of institutional partners who would be willing to host future conventions.

We appreciate the support each of you has given us over the past few years and we look forward to an equally vibrant conference in 2015.


Black History Month In Germany


Hamburg events will include a reading by actor and journalist Theodor Michael, whose autobiography, “Deutsch Sein und Schwarz Dazu” (Being German and Black Besides), was published in 2013.(© picture alliance / dpa)

In the United States February has been celebrated as Black History Month for the past four decades or so, with schools, media, institutions and celebrities taking the opportunity to highlight the accomplishments and historical experiences of African Americans. In recent years, Germany has joined a number of other countries, namely Canada and the UK, with its own Black History Month events.

In Germany, people with a black African background use the term “Afrodeutsch” or “Schwarz” to identify themselves. Their ethnic backgrounds are varied: many are immigrants or children of immigrants from African countries, some with one white German parent; others are the children or descendants of black US soldiers who were stationed in Germany as far back as the 1950s. It is impossible to say how many black Germans there are, however; in 2008, Spiegel magazine used the number 500,000, though ethnicity is not officially counted.



Afro Shop


 Afro Shop ist eine Sammlung lyrischer und grafischer Werke junger afrodeutscher Kunst- und Literaturschaffender. Die Beiträge entstanden ohne inhaltliche Vorgabe. Dennoch zeichnen sich klare Themenfelder ab: Die Texte und Bilder zeigen Verhandlungen von Identität, Heimat, Rassismus-Erfahrungen und den individuellen Umgang mit ihnen; die Liebe und das Leben, die kleinen und großen Revolutionen im Alltag.
Dieses Buch wurde mit Sorgfalt und Liebe zum Detail erstellt. Ziel war es, den einzelnen Beiträgen mit dem nötigen Respekt zu begegnen, damit jedes Gedicht und jede Grafik für sich selbst spricht und sich in all seiner Komplexität präsentieren kann.
Afro Shop ist ab sofort im Handel erhältlich.
Zum Bestellen.
  • Chantal-Fleur Sandjon
  • Sarah Mouwani
  • Nando Nkrumah
  • Winni Modesto
  • Philipp Khabo Koepsell

Softcover, 72 Seiten (s/w, 4 Farbseiten)

ISBN 9783844280135



AfroFictional In[ter]ventions

imageThis book explores the history of a young festival that has revisited a long century of AfroFictional interventions: The BIGSAS Festival of African (-Diasporic) Literatures 2011-2013 in Bayreuth. AfroFiction is a Black space where fictional word-art meets photography, painting, installation, music and film.

This book comprises some of the most vibrant voices of writers, musicians and artists from the African continent and its diasporas.

With contributions by Ed Abbas, Anne Adams, John Akomfrah, Akala, Cristina Ali Farah, Awam Amkpa, Susan Arndt, Gabeba Baderoon, Biyi Bandele, BlaqPearl, Sabrina Brancato, Chirikure Chirikure, LaRonda Davis, Deeb, Manthia Diawara, Gina Dorcely, Philippa Ebéné, Ottmar Ette, Amy Evans, Bernadine Evaristo, Quinsy Gario/T. Martinus, Biodun Jeyifo, Philipp Khabo Köpsell, Okinba Launko, kara lynch, Lydie Moudileno, Patrice Nganang, Nadja Ofuatey-Alazard, Peggy Piesche, Mariam Popal, Olumide Popoola, Jean-Luc Raharimanana, Noah Sow, Greg Tate, Lyonel Trouillot, Sabine Vadeleux, Rinaldo Walcott, Anna Weicker, Gloria Wekker, Dirk Wiemann.


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